Founded in 1994, Heritage Beverage Company (“HB”) is headquartered in San Jose, California. HB is the pioneer of importing its flagship Saigon Export beer and Saigon Special to the US, with Saigon Export currently the Number 1 selling Vietnamese beer in the US and Canada.

HB is a leading international gateway and exclusive distributor of heritage Vietnamese brands into the US market, and is looking to add more heritage Vietnamese brands to its current brand portfolio.

Company Overview 

HB is the trademark owner of the Saigon Special label in the US, and holds its own Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) license in California, able to act as its own importer/distributor. In 2015, Saigon Asset Management (SAM), one of Vietnam’s premier investment management companies with a 10-year track record, acquired HB and brought in a management team to grow HB’s beverage portfolio. Currently HB is jointly owned by Louis Nguyen and Kirk Nguyen. HB currently imports the Saigon Export brand of beer from SABECO brewery, the largest brewery in Vietnam based on both production volume and market cap. HB owns the trademark to Saigon Export beer brand in USA and has an exclusive importing and distribution contract with SABECO covering North American territories. In 2017, HB imported approximately 30,000 cases (twenty-four 355ml bottles in a case) for California alone.

We have internationally recognised IP protection:

HB has exclusive North America import rights and trademark protection of Saigon Beer

Exclusive contract with SABECO (brewer)

U.S. FDA-registered official agent of SABECO

Official label registrant of Saigon Beer with U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

Registered in individual states of distribution

Partnership with SABECO

Sabeco has granted HB the exclusive rights and trademark for North America since 1994, a 23 year relationship. Founded in 1875 by the French in Saigon, 2016 revenue of $1.35 billion, it’s the 351st member in the Berlin Beer Academy. On September 14, 1993, the factory officially became the Saigon Beer Company, in late 2017 ThaiBev announces the majority buyout of Sabeco. Through 142 year history, has built 24 modern factories across the country. Successfully applied the ISO 9001 – 2008, ISO 1400, ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP

Behind the traditional ‘Saigon’ label, HB is now extending licensing into broader product categories including but not limited to t-shirts, openers, baseball caps, beer huggers and various promotional items. As a brand owner, HB would like to identify a capable licensee with a vast North American distribution network to distribute one of its flagship products, namely Saigon Export. 

HB Licensing 

Historically, HB relied on distributors in California, with the recent success and rising popularity of Vietnamese products, HB wishes to expand this distribution of Saigon Export, to other lucrative markets in North America. HB expects that the potential licensee will be fully committed to investing in Saigon Export brand. This means licensees will work hard to understand the essence of the brand and develop the Saigon Export product in a way that captures the brand’s essence in Vietnam and translate it to the North America market context.

The licensee should be able to make Saigon Export a desirable beer that connects with the consumer both functionally (i.e. with Vietnamese food) and emotionally. Once the licensee demonstrates the ability to perform this critical phase, success is almost guarantee given the rising popularity of Vietnamese products in North America.

We believe that the market for Saigon Export can exceed 100,000 cases a year within the North American market. HB will expect the licensee to meet or exceed the projected sales targets for the product as outlined in the contract. When all of these things happen, the results can truly be having a flagship product that meet or exceed annual sales and royalty projections.