HB currently partners with Total Beverage Solution for distribution in the US. They are renowned for respecting tradition and partners with those who have refined their products over decades – such as HB’s Saigon Bia.

Since 2002, Total Beverage Solution is dedicated to uncovering the world’s most intriguing, expertly crafted beverages and sharing them with the US market. Heritage Beverage’s portfolio of Vietnamese beers and other beverages are provided a strong and guided route to market, with TBS also assisting and managing with compliance, logistics, marketing and sales team support, depth of industry experience and strong track-record of growth.

At its core, Total Beverage Solution is dedicated to the growth and full achievement of the potential of its brands, the suppliers, and its people. They are proud of the high standards set, and strive to consistently do things the right way. Their aim is to be the most effective, trusted, and committed mid-sized importer and supplier of beer, wine, cider, and spirits in the United States.

Total Beverage Solution has created a sustainable growth-oriented strategy for Heritage Beverage, and supportive culture which positions our portfolio of products to reach its full potential.

We’re available through Total Beverage Solution in all regions of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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